Tidy geographic data

with sf, dplyr, ggplot2, geos and friends


Session overview

Source: pretalx.earthmonitor.org/opengeohub-summer-school-2023/schedule/v/0.7/

System dependencies

Source: Pebesma (2018)

Development environments


VS Code

Part 1: sf + dplyr

Key features of sf

Source: Lovelace, Nowosad, and Muenchow (2019)

sf functions

Source: Pebesma (2018)

sf + dplyr workflow

Mermaid graph:

graph LR
  A[Read data] --> B[Transform data]
  B --> C[Visualize data]

Practical (~13:30-14:30)

Work through the code at ogh23.robinlovelace.net/tidy and answer the questions at your own pace.

# The packages we'll use
pkgs = c(
sapply(pkgs, require, character.only = TRUE)
        sf  tidyverse       geos data.table     spData 
      TRUE       TRUE       TRUE       TRUE       TRUE 

Part 2: and friends

tidyverse alternatives



Lovelace, Robin, Jakub Nowosad, and Jannes Muenchow. 2019. Geocomputation with R. CRC Press. https://r.geocompx.org/.
Pebesma, Edzer. 2018. “Simple Features for R: Standardized Support for Spatial Vector Data.” The R Journal. https://journal.r-project.org/archive/2018/RJ-2018-009/index.html.